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Welcome Message

Get Ready for Pickleball!

We are very excited to introduce “The Fastest Growing Sport in North America” to Europe. Pickleball is dynamic, easy to learn, fun and challenging for all ages and skill levels. It is truly the “ultimate sport for all”.

The goal in setting up Pickleball Spain is to share my passion for and knowledge of the game by providing opportunities to learn and play throughout Spain and other European countries. Our experience so far at schools, universities, sport facilities and tournaments has been extremely positive and we can feel the momentum building.

We invite you to step onto a court and experience pickleball for yourself. We are confident that once you play you will understand why pickleball has become “The Fastest Growing Sport in North America”. We believe that soon it will be the fastest growing sport in Europe as well.

We look forward to seeing you soon on a pickleball court.


Roberto Perez


Spanish Pickleball Association